YunionCloud Platform

The next-generation integrated intelligence CMP, YunLian, is based on experiences in large Internet company.

It is featured with open, integrated and intelligent product concepts and full Golang technology stack, which can connect all major public cloud and private cloud platforms. Our independent innovation and unified cloud architecture model help to achieve multi-cloud integration management, multi-cloud intelligent scheduling, and multi-cloud cost optimization.

Core Features

Open Source

Open source code, autonomous and controllable. Open API and rich SDK. Comprehensively connect with mainstream public cloud and private cloud platforms.

Unified and Integrated

Independent innovation of unified cloud architecture model. Simultaneously manage multiple public clouds, multiple private clouds, and container clusters. Built-in lightweight private cloud.

Simple and Intelligent

Multi-cloud intelligent scheduling. Multi-cloud cost optimization. One click installation and online upgrade.

Key Advantages

Cost Optimization
Metering and billing summary. Billing analysis and splitting. Configuration recommendations and optimization
Multi-cloud unified management
Unified public cloud / private cloud / virtualization resources / baremetal management. Unified API interface. Unified permissions.
Built-in Private Cloud
Image / script installation, fast deployment. Lightweight platform and single node on cloud. Online upgrade for easy operation and maintenance.
Container Orchestration Management
Built-in native Kubernetes platform. Local image store and quick template deployment. Unified import management of existing container resources in the enterprise.


Just One Platform

Customer Success Stories

The YunLian CMP are recognized by leading companies in various industries